Syndicate reboot due out in early 2012

Just a few weeks after details of Syndicatewere leaked on Origin, and then rather promptly confirmed by EA, the publisher has announced today that the Starbreeze Studios-developed reboot of the classic Syndicate franchise is due out February 21 in North America.

Syndicate takes place in the fairly far-off future of the year 2069. You take on the role of Miles Kilo, a “prototype” agent in the employ of the Eurocom megacorporation, one of many megacorporations that populate Syndicate‘s world.

The reboot is being described as a “brutal” first-person shooter set in a sci-fi world full of corporate intrigue. Little is known about Syndicate‘s gameplay at this point – the only thing EA has revealed so far is that Syndicate will feature four-player co-op.

At the moment, it isn’t known what platforms that early 2012 date applies to, but here’s to hoping that includes the PC release as well. After all, PC releases of multiplatform titles are becoming a bit notorious for being delayed for one reason or another lately.

Source: Gamasutra