Sims 4 Goes Seinfeld, Becomes Game About Nothing

The Sims 4 released for PC on Tuesday and now, just a few days later, a player has released what may be the coolest thing ever. Since the Sims 4 is, by and large, a game about nothing, Imgur user IanRoach published a series of screen captures from his creation on Sims 4: an exact replica of Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment from The Seinfeld Show along with the four leading characters Elaine, George, Kramer, and Jerry.

The series of captures show the apartment’s recreation in exacting detail, right down to the striped coffee table and front door in the angled wall with an open archway leading back to the bathroom and bedroom.

Of course, this Sims 4 guru didn’t end it there. He also perfectly modeled Kramer’s apartment across the hall (complete with hot tub and charcoal grill).

The album on Imgur with the Sims 4 recreation is called “Seinfeld: It’s a game about nothing.”

This, of course, isn’t the first time a Sims player has recreated something famous. The promo shots for the Sims 4 include a character that looks suspiciously like President Barack Obama, for example.

As for this Sims 4 recreation of Seinfeld, Tech Lounge is only marginally impressed, pointing out what they think might be inconsistencies. Kotaku, which first found the recreation, was far more impressed, asking if the Sims 4 player might also want to add in Newman, Uncle Leo, and others.

GameSpot, for their part, took the opportunity to find other Seinfeld recreations in gaming, using the Sims 4 recreation as a base upon which they found others, like an Oculus Rift demo of Jerry’s apartment.


However you look at it, though, the Sims 4 recreation of Seinfeld is very well-done. It also speaks volumes to the amount of free time someone like that player must have in order to build the apartments and characters to the kind of detail he did. One can only imagine the hours of not just painstaking build time it must have taken, but the time spent with episodes on freeze-frame to gather details of the layout of things for Jerry and Kramer’s apartments.

Now that is dedication. Expect to see more Sims 4 recreations running rampant just as we have with Minecraft and similar “build it yourself” games.