Mom Releases Chilling Video Of Moment Son Crashes And Dies On Motorcycle [Video]

In an unfathomable move to help others, a mom is releasing a video of the moment her son crashed and died on a motorcycle. The incident happened on A47 in Norfolk, England last year. David Holmes died at the age of 38 when he was riding his motorcycle at a high rate of speed when an oncoming vehicle crossed his path, killing him. There wasn’t enough time for Holmes to react, according to MyFox 8.

Daily Mail has the in-depth story on this tragic collision. David’s mother, Brenda, explains that this wasn’t an easy decision for her to make, but she wanted to help make drivers and motorcyclists more aware of one another on the road.

“This isn’t an easy thing to do but I just hope that somebody benefits from it,” Brenda says. “That motorists slow down and look before they turn into junctions.”

David was riding his motorbike around 97 mph when a car turned in the direction he was heading, hitting him, throwing him into the trees. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Warning: Video below contains graphic content that might be upsetting to some viewers.