Chord Overstreet’s Guest Appearance On ‘The Middle’ [Video]

Chord Overstreet makes a guest appearance on tonight’s episode of The Middle, so here’s a sneak video preview of the 22-year-old Glee star at work (thanks to these guys).

Overstreet plays the role of Mr. Wilkerson, Brick’s (Atticus Shaffer) new age, ultra hands-on fourth grade teacher. As it happens, his particular brand of tutoring doesn’t go down well with Brick’s dad Mike (played by the always excellent Neil Flynn).

The clip below shows the pair debating Mr. Wilkerson’s decision to let Brick skip gym. Also, I need an answer ball in my home.

For those interested, Examiner also has a fun little video up here featuring Atticus Shaffer mock interviewing Overstreet.

Chord’s episode of TheMiddle airs tonight at 8/7c on ABC – anyone else tuning in for this?