Kelly Rowland's Unborn Son Will Inspire Baby Watches

Selina Leavitt

Kelly Rowland has had an amazing year.

The singer married her manager and they are now in the last stages of expecting their first child, a boy. Sometime between those two stressful and wonderful milestones Kelly Rowland also managed to design and launch a watch collection with TW Steel.

Rowland offered a statement about her watch collection, "I love fashion – it plays such an important role in the music industry. For me to now channel that passion into designing my own range of watches with TW Steel is pretty exciting."

Kelly Rowland's timepiece collection currently includes three distinct designs. With watches geared toward both men and women, there's one for everyone. The launch party was this passed Thursday and the watches should be a hot product to look into for Christmas gifts. The functional accessories start at $650.

On the site, there's another quote from Rowland, "I love the statement wearing a big watch makes and they just get what it is to be fun and stylish at the same time."

Kelly Rowland has proven that she can handle her life and career without so much as a hiccup. On the red carpet she sported a grey, skin-tight dress that showed off just how comfortable she was in her pregnancy.

Rowland posed for pictures, looking stunning and producing the signature glow of an expectant mother looking forward to greeting her baby boy very soon. She even sported heels, which couldn't have been easy.

E! News reported that Kelly Rowland had a lot to say when they asked her about the pregnancy.

It's like you're really pregnant when you feel the baby move. You're thinking to yourself, 'Whoa!' Of course you know there's life before that's growing inside of you, but then when you actually start feeling these different things happening—the flutters, and kicks and punches—it's completely... I'm at a loss for words. It's mind-boggling. It's pretty amazing.

State of her pregnancy aside, Kelly Rowland also admitted that she would be looking to son her for inspiration on baby watches to add to her collection.

When you see it all come together it's just a blessing. It's a really great opportunity when you admire a brand and it all comes together organically then you're able to help design the watches for that brand. I'm more than humbled, I'm very excited that we are on our third watch tonight and yes those baby watches will be coming!