Selena Gomez Wears ‘My Boyfriend’ T-Shirt Leaving Justin Bieber After Toronto Flying Visit

Justin Bieber and back-on girlfriend Selena Gomez turned heads in Toronto on Saturday, when the couple were spotted by shoppers.

Reunited after Selena’s brief hop to New York City earlier this week for fashion week, the Latina starlet returned to her boyfriend’s side in Canada.

As it turned out, it was a flying visit.

ET Canada reports Bieber’s girl flew out of Toronto on Sunday. And she did it with wit, by wearing a “My Boyfriend” T-Shirt.

If you know the backstory, that basically translates as a big, stylish middle finger to recent breakup speculation by the uninformed.

Earlier this week, Selena flew to the Big Apple to appear at the Adidas NEO runway show she helped put together with fans for the label’s Fall 2014 collection.

During a fashion interview, the starlet remarked, “I live for a good boyfriend T-shirt, even if I don’t have one.”

As a result, easily confused websites rushed to declare Jelena as done. The gossip seems to have even prompted Gomez to slam Hollywood Life in an Instagram remark. She called the site out as “never true. Ever.”

Selena reportedly bought her “My Boyfriend” T-Shirt from Zara in Toronto, before she oh-so-casually walked a gauntlet of paparazzi at the city’s airport.

Selena Gomez Flaunts 'My BoyFriend' T-Shirt As She Flies Out Of Canada

(Photo: The pop princess wearing a just-bought “My Boyfriend” T-shirt leaving Toronto and Justin on Sunday.)

On Saturday, paparazzi and fan-obtained pictures of Justin and Selena visiting the Eaton and Holt Renfrew shopping centers in Toronto arrived online. Bieber started the ball rolling by posted two selfies with Gomez on Saturday.

The reunited lovebirds are seen hamming it up while sitting next to each other in the non-captioned photo, which the Biebs shared on Shots.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

(Photo: The on-again, off-again in a shared selfie Bieber posted from Toronto, Canada on September 6.)

Numerous eyewitnesses also took to Twitter with news of Jelena’s shopping expedition.

(Video: The “Baby” singer and “Slow Down” songstress surprised Saturday shoppers as they strolled around Toronto’s designer retail centers.)

As the videos above and photos below reveal, the loved-up sweethearts held on tightly to each other as they browsed and shopped, and again when they were spotted on Toronto’s streets.

In one of the most telling candids posted, Selena appears to ask Justin for his opinion on a perfume she applied at a counter. He obliges by going in close to smell his lady’s neck.

According to fans in the mall he may have got a kiss in!

It’s a real boyfriend, girlfriend moment, and shows a side to Bieber that apparently Gomez sees when their relationship works.

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez

(Photo: Bieber having a scent of a woman moment with Gomez on September 6.)

Justin and Selena were first spotted in his native land on Wednesday, August 27, holding hands at Waterloo Airport in Ontario after arriving on a private jet. Over the next six days, the couple enjoyed a variety of fun-filled pursuits.

They were snapped on horseback-riding outing and taking turns riding an ATV. The Latina was also seen giving her shirtless beau a neck and back massage as they sat poolside at a party held at Justin’s father (Jeremy) home in Ontario.

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Hold Hands And Go Horseback Riding In Canada

(Photo: Jelena in their own world, holding hands at Waterloo Airport, Ontario, August 27.)

The “Confident” singer posted a slew of Instagram pictures in that first week, including a black and white shared selfie with Selena which is still up at his Instagram page.

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez

(Photo: The couple seen arriving at their hotel in Toronto on September 6.)

Unwelcome drama interrupted Bieber and Gomez’s romantic getaway on August 29, while the pair enjoyed an ATV ride.

According to the Ontario Provincial Police, Justin collided with a paparazzo-driven minivan while driving an ATV on a country road near his hometown of Stratford.

It allegedly led to a physical altercation and the 20-year-old was arrested and charged with dangerous driving and assault when he turned himself into at a Perth County police station the following Monday.

However, on September 2, TMZ reported sources in Justin’s camp deny any assault took place between the singer and the paparazzo. Additionally, the insiders claim the photogs trespassed on Jeremy’s land to take photographs of Bieber and Gomez, and had pursued them all day.

The site also reports the Los Angeles Probation Department are investigating whether the heartthrob’s arrest and new charges violates his two year probation sentence. Bieber was placed on probation after pleading no contest to a egging-related misdemeanor vandalism charge in July.

The singer’s lawyers have since released statements slamming the paparazzi’s violation of his and Gomez’s privacy and their “peaceful retreat” in Stratford.

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez

(Photo: Jelena caused a stir on Toronto’s streets as they made their way to their hotel on Saturday.)

Just days after his arrest, Justin posted — then deleted — what may be the most romantic picture of himself and Gomez yet. So, it seems romance still won the day, despite the new legal trouble.

The shot was captioned “A rainy dream,” and looks as it sounds.

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez In 'A Rainy Dream'

As for the Biebs, if his “@timhortons” Instagram, which he posted after Selena left Toronto on Sunday is any indication, it looks like he’s missing a lot more than a cappuccino.

Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez

[Images via PacificCoastNews/FameFlyNet/Instagram.]