The Bunny Ranch: Prostitution Booming with Bad Economy [Video]

People may be getting laid off these days -- but apparently, they still want to get laid. The Bunny Ranch and other legal brothels say they're seeing a huge boost in women applying for prostitute positions as a result of the current economic climate.

The Bunny Ranch: Applications Up

The Moonlight Bunny Ranch in Reno, Nevada has spawned its share of celebrities thanks to its HBO show -- characters like Air Force Amy, and even a guy dubbed "Eric the Midget" by Howard Stern. (Apparently, "Eric the Midget" lost his virginity at The Bunny Ranch, and Howard Stern devoted some time to discussing it.)

Now, the brothel and others like it say business is booming, and women out of work are looking to join Air Force Amy and her pals for a high-paying romp in the hay. The Bunny Ranch says it received 1,500 applications last month alone. And it's not just prostitution, either -- adult businesses such as strip clubs are also seeing an increase in applications.

Bunny Ranch Video

The following video discusses the trend at The Bunny Ranch and other Nevada brothels. (And yes, you'll hear from Air Force Amy in it.)