‘Muslims Against Peppa Pig’ Causes Outrage As ‘Parody’ Disclaimer Overlooked

Shock, horror, and outrage reigned this week as many missed the disclaimer in a “Dangers of Peppa Pig to Muslims” video which explained that the clip, as well as the Muslims Against Peppa Pig Facebook page and the online petition to have Peppa removed from TV, were all a parody and joke.

The video was posted to YouTube in June — which rules out it being a response to the case of the restaurant that took down a bacon ad after a Muslim woman apparently said she was offended by it — but only began to garner attention this week. That may be because that’s when the Facebook page titled Muslims Against Peppa Pig was set up.

See the video that started the whole thing below:

However, that video came with a clear (and sharp) disclaimer.

“DISCLAIMER: This video is obviously a parody. I have NOT made the page ‘Muslims Against Peppa Pig’ or any other Facebook pages of the sort. For those of you who have got offended; don’t reproduce. This country’s possible future downfall is 1 million times more likely be down to the rapid multiplication of the mentally deficient like you who have failed to spot the satire rather than immigrants who have been unlucky in the accident of birth and have since then decided to move here for better prospects (just like you would in their shoes).”

It wasn’t until this week that the idea made it to a Facebook page, and a petition on Change.org.

The petition has very little content, but was made around the same time as the Facebook page, and is likely as much of a joke.

remove Peppa Pig from tv
remove Peppa Pig from tv
[Your name]

The Facebook page is, without question, a gag; it directly links to the video, and refers to it (It’s also clearly not created by the same person as the video).

“In light of this guys insightful video, I wholeheartedly agree! Peppa Pig needs to be taken down, like the swine she is!!

“This is NOT a racial hatred group, please refrain from posting anything that could be construed in that way.”

Unfortunately, those who missed the satire warning also may have missed the request to avoid anything that could be construed as “racial hatred.”

There are comments as direct and outright as “I am anti-Muslim” alongside pictures of slaughtered pigs and comments that merely say “bacon” a few dozen times.

However, anyone defending poor Peppa can lay your fears to rest: Despite many reports to the contrary, the creator of the video was making a joke. He did not create the Facebook page or a petition to ban Peppa Pig, and the entire Muslims Against Peppa Pig is a joke, not a movement.

[Image: Peppa Pig Twitter]