‘Big Hero 6’ Clip, Disney’s Next Animated Feature Shows Heart [Video]

While Marvel doesn’t seem to be pushing the upcoming Big Hero 6 — a film based on their Japanese-influenced comic — on their end, Disney is slowly rolling out the marketing. Following the recent trailer, they have dropped a clip from the film, which releases on November 7, 2014. Take a look at the clip above.

Big Hero 6, despite its pedigree, seems a bit slow to pick up steam. Following the success of Disney’s Frozen will be no easy feat, especially since the films are so radically different. But then there is the problem of it being a Marvel property, which given Marvel’s track record, doesn’t seem like it would be a problem at all. That being said, if a Marvel film were as close to being released as this one is, wouldn’t we normally be seeing the accompanying comics all over by now?

Well, according to Bleeding Cool, Big Hero 6 is a title Marvel wanted aimed at an older audience (rather than the typical audience the average Disney animated flick goes for), and when Disney flat-out refused, Marvel in turn flat-out refused to publish any material in support of the film. To top it all off, it looks like Disney won’t be able to print the Big Hero 6 comic either, as it would not be in accordance with their agreement. Their solution? Shepherd a manga release in Japan (fitting, since the original comic was already Japanese-inspired), get it translated into English, and give publishing rights to Yen Press to publish the Big Hero 6 manga in the U.S.

Despite all this trouble, however, from the material we’ve seen both on the big and small screen, things look promising. With its Eastern influence, it really does seem like a film that will provide a new, fresh perspective. In an interview with io9, co-director Don Hall elaborated on these influences.

“Technology in Western culture a lot of times is the villain or the antagonist. You look at Terminator— robots and computers are taking over the world! In Japan, it’s kind of the opposite. Technology is our path to a better future. And those thematic ideas do run through the movie.”

Despite the technological influences in the film, however, Big Hero 6 is still guaranteed to bring the human connection. Screenwriter Robert Baird elaborated on that connection.

“I think that stories that deal with families and trying to explain life and what you’re going through in life and having your family around you, those are powerful stories that need to be told.”

If you have yet to check out the clip from the film, you can do so above. Big Hero 6 is set to release on November 7, 2014. Are you looking forward to Disney’s latest animated flick? Let us know below.