‘How I Met Your Mother’: The Alternate Ending You Haven’t Seen

When How I Met Your Mother’s series finale came around, it was watched by everyone. The show had gained fans thanks to binge watching platforms like Amazon prime and Netflix. No matter what kind of viewer you were, we can bet money that you thought the series finale should have ended with Ted finally meeting the mother at the train station.

Unfortunately, that’s not what fans got, even though we did our best to justify the ending. Yes, fans got to see Ted meet the mother at the Farhampton train station, and they even got to find out her adorably cute name, Tracy. Instead of rolling with the credits right there, it continued with a very depressing narrative in what lead to critics and fans alike calling it the worst series finale in recent history. Viewers were horrified to find out that not only did Tracy die, but the whole series was engineered for Ted to end up with Penny and Luke’s aunt Robin.

To add insult to injury, the kids even told Ted that this wasn’t a story about how he met their mother, it was one about how much he loved their aunt Robin since he spent the majority of the time telling stories about their relationship and their multiple break ups. Are you filled with rage yet from remembering this all over again? Well, if you are, fear not because, as promised, creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas are releasing an alternate ending that at one point they were thinking about using until they decided to go with the plan they’ve had in mind all along.

TV Line got a glimpse of the alternate ending before it was pulled from YouTube. Even though reps haven’t confirmed if it was official or not, the copy they saw was convincing enough and described it as such.

“Ted’s VO on his wedding day is certainly more optimistic, even hinting at a bit of hope for Barney and Robin, and recaps pretty much his entire nine-year, ‘easy’ run-up to meeting the future Mrs. Mosby. But it’s what’s not included that’s more important: Whereas the original ending found Tracy meeting an early demise and Ted eventually showing up at Robin’s apartment with the blue French horn, this one simply cuts off after Ted and Tracy’s train station meet-cute.”

Now that it’s been deleted from YouTube, viewers will just have to wait for the complete box series when it hits stories on September 23.

[Image via Ron P. Jaffe/Fox Television]