High School Yearbook’s Racy Photo: ‘Most Likely To Skinny Dip’ Category Includes Suggestive Picture

A high school yearbook’s racy photo is drawing fire after a new category was included for the 2014 issue. KRQE News 13 reports that a picture published in the Portales High School yearbook featured a girl topless and a guy with seemingly no clothes on for the category titled, “Most Likely to Skinny Dip.”

“They were trying to be cute, trying to be humorous to a certain extent and it didn’t go over well with a certain fraction who saw the yearbook,” says Portales High School Assistant Principal, Garrick Matthews.

Matthews explains that the district has received numerous complaints about the yearbook photo, deeming it inappropriate and offensive. He shares that the yearbook staff came up with the skinny dipping idea from the internet and chose winners for the category.

Students weighed in on the controversy.

“It was kind of tasteless,” says Portales High School senior, Emilee Haman.

She didn’t feel it was a good thing to do.

“It was inappropriate to be a part in a yearbook to be remembered forever,” Haman continues.

“It was kind of tacky,” adds senior Ashlynn Idsinga.

“It was kind of funny, but it doesn’t offend me,” says senior Matthew Sanchez.

There are various opinions of the high school yearbook’s racy photo and category. The final issue came out last week and in the section where student awards were given, the “Most Likely to Skinny Dip” winners are posing behind a tree and appear to be naked.

Principal Matthews didn’t see the harm in what the yearbook staff did.

“The intent behind it was never to paint the students in a negative light or paint the school in a negative light.”

The district reassures everyone that next year more proofing will be done before the yearbook is finished and ready for students. The principal says he’ll be more careful next year.

“I can’t change it, but I can tell people were gonna try that those sort of things don’t happen in the future.”

FOX 14 adds that the high school students did have clothes on when the racy yearbook photos were taken. It’s unknown if anyone will be punished for the controversial category and suggestive image.

Other controversial stories revolving around high school yearbooks have surfaced, as The Inquisitr has reported. One such story that captured the nation’s attention was a school that photoshopped yearbook photos of students in revealing clothing.

[Photo Credit: KRQE 13 News]