Man plans to auction off his severed thumb to save railroad museum [Video]

I’ve heard of a lot of different ways that people will try and raise money but I got to admit I didn’t see this one coming.

It seems that Baker’s Junction Railroad Museum in Smithville Indiana is in serious need of cash so that some need renovations can be made to the old train cars that also double as a haunted house (talk about covering your bases). So John Baker, the museum’s owner, is doing what every serious entrepreneur would do – he’s selling of his severed thumb to raise the needed cash. Don’t worry it was severed before he came up with this idea.

Baker says he’d been holding a saw above his head when his bad leg (this guy has it rough) gave out and his thumb was severed in the fall. Thinking quickly, he threw the thumb into a glass of ice and caught a ride to the nearest hospital, 60 miles away. As it turns out, the thumb was too mangled to be reattached, so Baker had it mummified, set in clear plastic, and put on a keychain. He hopes to sell the thumb for enough to pay for the museum’s new metal roof.