Diabetes In Children Can Lead To Higher Asthma Risk, Poor Blood Sugar Control [Study]

A recent study published in the journal of Pediatrics had found a correlation between children with diabetes and a higher risk of asthma. The study also found that children who have both diabetes and asthma are more likely to have poor control over their diabetes.

While the study didn’t examine how the two conditions are linked it did work to determine if shared factors were included in both conditions including obesity, inflammation and other issues.

The study examined 1,683 children with type 1 diabetes and 311 children with type 2 diabetes from 2002 to 2005. In their study 11% had asthma, exceeding the national average of 8.7%.

The study also found that type 2 diabetes often associated with obese children led to a higher asthma rate of 16.1% compared to 10% for type 1 diabetes children.

Researchers also discovered that when asthma and diabetes were combined children experienced higher levels of homoglobin A1c (HbA1c) while poor blood sugar control was linked to many complications associated with diabetes.

The study also acknowledges that certain asthma medications such as leukotrieneinhibitors may improve blood sugar control among children who have both diabetes and asthma.

Researchers do warn about some medications:

“We worry that some asthma medications cause problems with diabetes control. And while this study was not designed to test that, it seems that not taking your asthma medications was more of a problem than controlling your asthma.”

Do you have a child with both diabetes and asthma? What steps have you taken to ensure their blood sugar is under control.