Two Deer Cross The Golden Gate Bridge: Cutest Traffic Jam Ever!

Two deer crossed the Golden Gate Bridge on Friday, and witnesses snapped photos and videos and posted them online for all to see. In what really looked like something straight out of a movie, the two does just pranced in front of traffic, looking like they were on some kind of official business… you know, places to go, people to see. According to Buzzfeed, the “magical” event occurred on Friday afternoon, just before 5:30 p.m. Both does made it across the bridge safely within 30 minutes.

Since the rare deer-on-bridge sighting, people have posted tons of jokes on social media. People were really fascinated by the photos and videos of the deer — and that’s understandable. Deer are beautiful creatures… and just seeing them on the Golden Gate Bridge was amazing for so many… especially those who were able to witness this first hand.

According to SFGate, the deer were headed north toward Marin. Many people called police, and some reports even suggested that one of the deer had been hit, but by the time police arrived, the deer had made their way over the bridge and beyond. Of course, the deer excursion backed up traffic for a while, but for those who witnessed the two gals just prancing along, it wasn’t so bad.

It’s unknown if the does have made the trip back… or if they will have to pay tolls!

Cute animals always seem to find their way on to the internet by way of viral videos. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a 6-minute video of the “world’s most adorable animals” went viral last week. From a sloth to baby bunnies, the animals in the video have certainly tugged at the heart strings of thousands of people. Seriously, who doesn’t want a pet koala?

People really seem to love these super adorable photos and videos… which is no different than how people felt about the deer crossing the Golden Gate Bridge.

“Kindness to animals has been considered so important to living a good life that it was included as one of the original Seven Commandments in the Jewish holy book, The Torah.”

[Photo courtesy of Instagram]