School Massacre Hit List: ‘People To Kill List’ Names 20 Students At Middle School

A school massacre plan was investigated after authorities discovered a “people to kill list” at a Dorchester County middle school in North Carolina.

ABC News 4 in Charleston reports that a student dropped a piece of paper that had deadly information on it. The paper found in the hallway at DuBose Middle School on August 29 had 20 names of students handwritten on a piece of paper that were targeted in some kind of planned killing spree. A guidance counselor picked up the list after it was dropped.

Deputies confirm that the list named eighth graders, but it didn’t match this year’s classroom roster. Officials with the school district also say 14 of the names were students.

Law enforcement checked the handwriting samples of other students to determine who wrote the list after questioning several students. Writing samples eventually led deputies to the suspect, who was asked to visit the principal and give him a list of people who were “bothering” him.

The boy’s verbal list of names matched the handwritten “people to kill list” found in the hallway. He admits to writing up the list of 20 names and claims that he wrote it as a way of releasing stress. He further says that he hadn’t intended anyone harm and that he was going to throw out the paper.

Speaking with the student’s parents, they tell deputies that they weren’t aware of their son’s list — adding that they didn’t own firearms and that the boy didn’t have access to guns or other weapons.

According to WBTW 13, Dorchester District 2 released a statement.

“The student was identified and admitted to writing the list.. but says it was not meant as a threat.”

A mother of one of the students named on the kill list learned of the incident several days later. Beth Bullock says her son, Matt, is afraid to attend school now.

“When I answered the phone, she said, ‘Is this Ms. Bullock?’ I said yes. ‘This is the principal Ms. Caldwell at DuBose Middle School. Let me first tell you Matt is OK and not in trouble, but we did find a hit list of students that a student wanted to kill and Matthew was on that list.'”

Bullock is upset that she wasn’t notified a lot sooner of the student hit list.

“I don’t understand. My issue is that everyone as soon as possible should have been notified. And every single parent of every single kid at that school should have been notified. I’m not saying take this kid and throw away the key. I’m saying find out what is happening in his head. Find out what is happening. What happened that would make him want to kill his classmates? What’s so horrible that would make this 12-year-old do this?”

The student who wrote the “people to kill list” has been suspended until a discipline hearing is scheduled. Bullock insists she’ll remove her son from the school permanently if the boy returns.

[Photo Credit: Screenshot via ABC News 4]