Hillary Clinton Will Decide In Early 2015 If She’s Running For President

Hillary Clinton may be the frontrunner for the Democrats in 2016, but the former Secretary of State said she’s still months away from an official decision about whether to run for president.

Clinton has not yet given a definitive statement about her intentions for 2016. Though many believe she will run, Clinton said in June that she might sit out the race in order to focus on being a grandmother.

Now, she announced that the decision is still a few months away.

“I am going to be making a decision… probably after the first of the year about whether I’m going to run again or not,” Clinton said at a Friday charity event hosted by Carlos Slim, the world’s second-richest man, in Mexico City.

While Clinton has spoken out on some national issues as she increases her stature, there is increasing pressure on her to take an even larger stance. Earlier this summer the Rev. Al Sharpton even called out Clinton for her lack of a stance on the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, following the shooting death of a black teenager by police.

“This is now a national, central issue, and anyone running for president needs to come up with a formula, or, in my opinion, they forfeit their right to be taken seriously,” he said. “I’m amazed that we’re not hearing from leading candidates… Chris Christie or Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton. I land in New York this morning, and I see Chris Christie dancing with Jamie Foxx.”

It’s likely that Clinton will remain on the fringes of the race for as long as possible. She is currently on a promotional tour for her memoir, Hard Choices, and the continual media attention of whether she will run will likely help garner more publicity.

If Hillary Clinton does announce a run in 2016, she will likely start as the race’s leader. In early polling she is easily defeating all Republican challengers, and experts see no serious competition for the Democratic nomination at this point either.