‘Big Brother 16’: What Was In Derrick’s HOH Basket He Didn’t Want The Other House Guests To See?

Derrick Levasseur, who has been running the Big Brother house for much of Season 16, may have finally set off some red flags for his house mates. As Big Brother Network reported, Derrick got something in his Head of Household goodie basket that made him very nervous.

Derrick was only briefly HOH, during Thursday’s live eviction, when he put up Christine and Victoria. Christine ultimately ended up going home. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Frankie became HOH soon after that, but his tenure could be meaningless because of the reset twist.

But even though Derrick didn’t get the prestigious suite with the television that watches over the rest of the house and the funky bird’s nest bed, he still got goodies from home. When Derrick lingered in the storage room to collect his stuff, Cody came in to interrupt and inquired about a photo. Something about the photo apparently made Derrick very uncomfortable and he sent it back.

According to Big Brother Network’s documentation of the live feed action, Cody, still dressed in his dinosaur suit that he received as punishment for losing an earlier competition, asked who the person was in the photo. He asked if it was Derrick’s brother, and Derrick didn’t respond.

Over at CarterMatt, bloggers were reporting speculation that the photo somehow revealed Derrick is a cop outside of the Big Brother house. Revealing such an important fact about Derrick seems unlikely, as Big Brother Network asserts, and CarterMatt is even more blunt:

“If this is true (we never got a good look at it on the feeds), production really needs to be booed louder than Christine even was last night. We don’t like the idea of Derrick’s perfect game being ruined by some outside interference. Sure, things may be boring with him in charge, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles!”

But wait — it seems Big Brother Network has the scoop, to a point. The blog claims a family member of Derrick’s let blog writer Matthew Boyer know the photo was of Derrick’s daughter and another family member. Apparently, it was a family member Derrick did not want a picture of — for unknown reasons. There were, however, apparently no signs of Derrick’s association with the police in the photo.

As for those boos Christine received upon her eviction, Julie Chen told Entertainment Weekly there may have been an explanation in Christine’s game play:

“[N]o one likes to see a woman making a fool of her husband… But more than that, she double-crossed her ‘friend’ Nicole… who is decent, forthright and trusting. And for what? For the sake of those men who betrayed her.”

Big Brother airs next on Sunday night on CBS.

[Image: CBS]