Teen Mom Jenelle Evans’ Explosive Confrontation With Her Mom [Video]

Jenelle Evans and her mom had an explosive confrontation on Teen Mom 2 this week… and it seems like Jenelle is the more mature, reasonable one of the two of them! In fact, it really looks like Jenelle Evans may be growing up.

Jenelle’s mom Barbara has had custody of Jenelle’s older son, Jace, for several years, and this has led to a lot of conflict between the mother-daughter duo over how Barbara is raising the 4-year-old boy. From past episodes (and current!), it seems as though Barbara’s idea of raising a child has a lot to do with yelling and even more to do with… well, mostly just yelling. And, apparently, that’s the way she raised Jenelle… and we all see how well that worked out for the both of them.

Jenelle stops by her mother’s house during what seems like a pretty minor confrontation between her son, Jace, and his younger cousin, Gabriel. But Barbara proceeds to make Jace’s behavior seem much more sinister than what the camera shows.

“He’s gotta learn to get along with kids!” Barbara screams at Jenelle after saying Jace “had shoved” Gabriel into the sofa. It looked more like a brotherly bump to us — take a look at the video below if you missed this week’s episode.

“When he pushes Kaiser down, [will] you say ‘It’s Kaiser’s fault?'” Barbara adds hysterically, working herself up in a way we’ve all come to recognize.

But rather than act like the daughter, Jenelle acted like the mother — Jace’s mother.

“You scream and yell at him, so then he feels the need to yell at you,” Jenelle explains to a seething Barbara. She later added, “When he comes to me with his problems I speak and talk to him rationally. I don’t yell and jump down his throat like you do.”

Jenelle admitted that Jace does do wrong — but that he knows what he is doing is wrong. “Guess what Jace tells me? ‘Yes, I broke Meme’s table because I was mad, so I kicked it,'” Jenelle said. “He will admit to me what he does wrong because he knows I’m not going to yell and scream at his face. You, you scream and yell at him.”

Barbara’s reaction? “Oh my God, Jenelle, shut up!” She also claims that Jace is bi-polar.

No wonder Jenelle Evans is so determined to get custody of her older son!

In the end, nothing is resolved. Barbara just throws her hands up and screams at Jenelle to get Jace and leave, which Jenelle does, behaving like a mature mom, which is great to see, especially since she is often the instigator.

Barbara, on the other hand, may need to seek out a diagnosis for herself before handing one out to her four-year-old grandson!

[Image via E! Online]