Woman Looks To Crowdfunding To Finance Abortion - Baby Won't Fit Her Party Lifestyle

Crowdfunding has become a popular platform for raising money, and awareness, for medical needs, charity, music and film projects, animals, and all sorts of causes that people generally feel good about contributing to. One woman, however, has turned to crowdfunding to get other people to pay for her late-term abortion.

Bailey is about five months pregnant, and has decided that she doesn't want to have her baby. According to Vice, the 23-year-old Chicago-area resident from Phoenix is broke, uninsured, and wants an abortion. Since she cannot afford one, her boyfriend, Lucifer Ryzing, recently set up a GoFundMe crowdfunding account to ask people to pay for her abortion, which has a $2,500 price tag. The photo above, on the right, is a screenshot from Lucifer's Twitter page.

The crowdfunding page has since been taken down by GoFundMe.

Bailey says that, according to an ultrasound on Tuesday, September 2, she was 19 weeks and 5 days along in her pregnancy, but it has been an unplanned and difficult pregnancy. Life News reports that her boyfriend posted on the crowdfunding page that "Bailey is currently unemployed, completely broke, in debt, and in no position to hold down a job due to severe symptoms of a rough, unplanned and unexpected pregnancy."

She told Vice in an interview that she has experienced painful complications, but she doesn't know what is causing them.

It's just been really, really painful. Like I said, I just got the ultrasound done and haven't really been to the doctor very much, so I can't say there's a specific condition, but I know that it's worse than any menstrual cramps I've ever had. Sometimes the pain is so bad that I can't get out of bed, and I can't go to the bathroom. When I cough, it feels like my organs being shredded inside of me. For a second, I was afraid it was ectopic, because that's supposed to be incredibly painful, but it's not. I don't know if there's any medical terms for what it is, but it's difficult."
A childbirth educator told The Inquisitr that the symptoms she describes could be caused by a number of things, including round ligament pain, fibroids, or even appendicitis, which is unrelated to pregnancy, and would require medical care. Bailey's pain is not typical pregnancy-related pain, she said.

Lucifer described Bailey's current party lifestyle on the crowdfunding page, a lifestyle that having a baby would interfere with, hence their plea for other people to finance the abortion.

"Aside from having no desire to raise a child, she is economically unstable and can barely afford to support herself, which means having enough money to pay rent, smoke cigarettes, drink rockstar, support her friends in prison, and if she's really busted her [a$$], maybe go to a show or two."
At 20 weeks of pregnancy, her baby can hear what is going on, including mother's heartbeat, as well as the discussions about the abortion. The baby is about 10 inches long, according to Baby Center, and about the size of a cantaloupe. He may be sucking his thumb, and the cartilage in his limbs has begun to harden into bone. According to a number of researchers, babies in the womb at 20 weeks are capable of feeling intense pain.

Dr. David Chamberlain says, "A fetus at 20-32 weeks of gestation would experience a much more intense pain than older infants or children or adults."

Abortion Crowdfunding At 20 Weeks
This is a 20 week baby in the womb.

She says that she is afraid of the pain for herself of the late-term abortion, which she says will be a two-day surgical procedure. Bailey has not stated where she intends to go for her abortion, but according to Family Planning Associates in Chicago, the type of abortion that would be done at her point in pregnancy would be a D&E abortion, dilation and evacuation.

The abortion that Bailey is asking people to pay for is one in which, on the first day, laminaria are placed within the cervix to cause it to dilate. On the next day, when Bailey would return to the clinic, she would possibly receive anesthesia for the surgery. Sometimes anesthesia is not given to the woman, and the procedure is performed without it. This is the "dilation" phase.

The procedure for the "evacuation" phase is described by Ob/Gyn Dr. Tony Levatino as consisting of, first, a catheter being inserted into the cervix, which suctions out the amniotic fluid surrounding the fetus. Then, forceps are inserted and various parts of the baby are pulled out as the fetus is dismembered. The skull must then be crushed in order to remove the pieces.

A number of people have commented that, if Bailey would stop and consider the option of adoption, they would be happy to adopt her baby.

Interestingly, crowdfunding has been used to finance the making of the movie Gosnell, as reported by The Inquisitr, which seeks to expose the horrific atrocities committed by late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell. Their fundraising was a huge success, setting records in the industry. It was promoted by God's Not Dead's Kevin Sorbo.

The crowdfunding effort by Bailey and Lucifer to fund her abortion managed to raise some money before it was shut down. Later, the couple linked to another site in the comments of the Vice article, but that site has since been taken down as well.

Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice, do you believe it is acceptable for this woman to fund her late-term abortion through crowdfunding donations? What are your thoughts?

[Images via Vice, screenshot from Twitter, WebMD, and Unpregnant.org]