Angel Mario Vega, Minnesota College Wrestler, Filmed Himself Raping Teen

Angel Mario Vega, a star Minnesota college wrestler, is accused of raping a teenager while filming the incident inside a Minnesota State University Moorhead dorm. Before the incident, Vega reportedly told other students he was bent on “getting laid.”

Vega, a native of Oliverhurst, California, was a senior wrestling for the Moorhead Dragons. He faces charges of third-degree criminal sexual conduct with a helpless victim and providing alcohol to someone under 21, reports the New York Daily News.

Cops and ambulances showed up to the dorm just after 11 pm Monday night. They were greeted by the smell of alcohol and vomit coming from Angel Mario Vega’s room. Police saw two men and two women inside. One woman was half naked and unconscious on the floor after vomiting on herself, while the other was on a bed, puking into a trashcan.

Vega reportedly grabbed the woman on the floor and told her to be quiet when he saw that police had arrived. She was taken to a nearby hospital while Vega and his roommate explained their version of events. According to the men, the women were drinking while playing games with the men.

However, other witnesses claimed a different story, according to CBS Local. Vega reportedly urged four floormates to come into the lounge and “see something crazy.” They discovered the victim topless on a couch. He reportedly told them it was time to “get laid” and dragged the teen back to his room. Concerned witnesses called security.

Officers secured a search warrant for Vega’s room and found several of the victim’s items, including underwear, pink sandals, tank top, bra, cell phone, keys, and her student ID. Officers also found topless photos of the victim and a video showing Vega performing sexual acts with the victim.

Vega was arrested and taken to Clay County Jail, where he claimed he had no sexual conduct with the victim other than kissing. He told investigators he supplied the 18-year-old with alcohol, but claims he brought her to his room to sleep. Vega claimed he didn’t know how her underwear ended up in his room.

On the video, the victim can be heard telling the suspect she doesn’t consent. Despite this, the suspect tells the woman he wants to have sex. Video and audio suggest he followed through.

The victim later told police the last thing she remembered from the night was playing the drinking game. Upon arrival at the hospital, her blood-alcohol level was.235. If convicted Angel Mario Vega could face up to 16 years in prison.

[Image: New York Daily News]