Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez: No ‘Secret Commitment Ceremony,’ No ‘Reckless’ Sex, No ‘Baby’

We haven’t heard too much about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s reconciliation since their romantic trip to Canada went south, and the “Boyfriend” singer was arrested after an ATV accident.

Following that incident, the lovebirds ended their vacation by meeting up in Toronto when Selena jetted back to Canada, after returning briefly to NYC to present her collection at an Adidas NEO Runway show.

But after all the Instagrams and the shabbily-obtained paparazzi photos of their PDA-filled escape — since then, it’s been radio silence.

Enter stage right, two tabloids – OK! Magazine and Life & Style — to plug the vacuum with unsubstantiated gossip.

First OK!. Somehow, the tabloid managed to “produce” an insider who was allegedly able to get Selena and Justin to talk about that most personal of things: Sex.

Apparently, OK! have a mole in Jelena’s bedroom and allegedly discovered the couple are having “reckless,” unprotected sex and a baby could soon be on the way.

“The two stars are determined to leave their once bright futures almost entirely up to chance,” a less-than-credible source declares.

The doomsayer adds, “Despite the fact that neither Selena nor Justin seem even remotely ready to be a parent, the pair are knowingly risking that outcome every single time they get together.”

The ‘insider’ says, “It’s a miracle they haven’t conceived three kids by now, because they don’t take any precautions. If she does get pregnant, it will be a disaster.”

(Photo: The couple were last sent together in Toronto walking through a shopping center on Saturday, September 6.)

Curiously, the source brings up an already denied “miscarriage” story, but claims it hasn’t “slowed them down. Instead, they think that not using protection proves how in love they are.”

“To be clear, the pair aren’t exactly trying to make a baby,” the magazine adds, quoting an invented source.

“But they also wouldn’t be particularly upset if one came along and have even talked about marrying if it happens.”

Since OK!’s claims surfaced, a source close to Justin and Selena told Gossip Cop that the rumors are “clueless” and “insulting.”

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

(Photo: The seemingly loved-up pair posed for a shared selfie in Canada during a recent visit.)

Hot on the heels of that clickbait rumormongering comes more.

Life and Style says “wedding bells are ringing” for the pair. The magazine, which has been caught peddling untruths about Bieber and Gomez before, now claims a ‘source’ revealed:

Justin has wanted to take Selena back to his native Canada and marry her.”

And apparently, “They already held a secret commitment ceremony in L.A. and exchanged Cartier promise rings!”

Lets play along for a moment and inquire how these ‘marriage’ plans are going down with the couple’s families.

“Both their friends and family disapprove of their ‘commitment,'” an insider allegedly told Life & Style, adding that Gomez’s mother “screamed at her about the wedding.”

The magazine alleges, “Selena’s already been telling friends that she and Justin want to have a baby,” and apparently the Latina starlet “hopes to make a big announcement this fall.”

The bona fide insider who denied the “reckless” sex claim to Gossip Cop, also slammed the “secret commitment ceremony” claim to GC as “downright absurd” and E! News as “ridiculous.”

As always, the Inquisitr advises readers to consider the source.