September 6, 2014
Rookie Cops Go On Drunken Rampage After Academy Graduation, Now Face Getting Fired

If what you want to do with your life is be a cop, then there is no bigger moment than when you graduate the police academy. So brand new cops can be forgiven a little celebrating. But a group of rookie cops who had just graduated the Port Authority Police Academy in New Jersey partied so hard that someone called the cops on the cops.

And now the rookie cops face the early end of their police careers. The drunken rampage is under investigation and, because the brand new officers are still on probation — as is standard for all new officers — they can all be fired on the spot.

On August 22, the largest class in the history of the Port Authority Police Department — 249 new officers — graduated from the PAPD Academy in Elizabeth, New Jersey, the 113th class to graduate and join the Port Authority force.

While most of the rookie cops celebrated in their own perfectly acceptable ways, a group of the graduates decided that the occasion called for some serious revelry.

They ended up in Hoboken and a popular night spot, The Texas Arizona Bar And Grill, which coincidentally is located just a block away from a Port Authority-run train station where, presumably, some of the officers would eventually serve.

The Texas Arizona Bar And Grill is famous for its eye-popping selection of 250 different brands of beer, and it appears that the new cops may have sampled every one of them, because the graduation party quickly got out of hand.

"Everyone was drunk," an unnamed source told the New York news site DNAinfo. "They were telling people they were cops and to f*** off, and some were fighting with patrons and themselves, and there was maybe even a little ass-grabbing."

The source said that the party "quickly got out of control." The bar's bouncers attempted to calm the cops down but the rookies were having none of it, telling the bouncers to back off because "we are cops!"

And then someone called the cops. The Hoboken police soon arrived to break up the party. Trying to do the new officers a professional courtesy, the Hoboken police called Port Authority police supervisors, rather than just arrest the rookies. But when the supervisors showed up, the drunken recruits started mouthing off to their own bosses.

"It was stupidity beyond belief," said a different source. "Those guys are in trouble."

The Port Authority would not comment on its ongoing investigation into the drunken rampage of the rookie cops.