Henry Cavill In Superman Costume, More ‘Batman V Superman’ Set Photos

The photos of Henry Cavill on the Batman v Superman set just keep coming. On Friday, new pics from the set of Zack Snyder’s production, showing the British actor trying to conceal his superhero costume, were posted online.

A couple of days earlier we got a good look at Cavill as Clark Kent while he filmed a scene on the steps of Gotham City Jail, in which he is wearing a plaid shirt, brown jacket, the signature glasses, and a messenger bag. Many of the photos have been snapped by Twitter user @bananadoc, who appears to be in prime position to capture the happenings on the Batman v Superman set.

The website Henry Cavill News shared several photos of Henry in his Superman suit on Friday. However, this time we couldn’t really have a good look as he was wearing that Jedi robe Snyder makes his main cast use while on set. Here are some of those pics.

Henry Cavill as Superman on set
Photo via R. Chiang/henrycavillnews.com
Henry Cavill as Superman on set.
Photo via R. Chiang/henrycavillnews.com

But Henry Cavill was not the only one making news on Friday. The Banana Doc has become a familiar name in this quest to get the latest and best Batman v Superman set photos possible. While on that journey, the Twitter user spotted several areas where filming was taking place.

Remember the first photo of the batmobile, shared by Zack Snyder on Twitter? If this warehouse doesn’t look a lot like the outside of that location, then we are Superman.

If Henry Cavill as Superman isn’t enough to get you excited, then maybe the fact that a first real glimpse at Batman may be coming any day now could do the trick for you. The Inquisitr will keep you posted with all the latest Batman v Superman set photos from @bananadoc and his friend @D3TON8R. Stay tuned!

[Image via Durrell Wildlife]