Robin Williams’ ‘World Of Warcraft’ Character Tributes Include ‘Aladdin,’ ‘Mork,’ And ‘Toys’ [Photos]

When Blizzard promised they would create Robin Williams’ World Of Warcraft character tributes they merely said they would be “taking care of it.” But now that promise has become a reality because gamers are slowly starting to find the easter eggs that memorialize the famous comedian within the game world of WoW.

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As The Inquisitr previously noted, Robin Williams was one of the first celebrity geeks who loved playing World Of Warcraft. In addition, “Williams used to confess during interviews and press commitments that he adored devouring graphic novels and comic books as well as playing video and board games. In fact he even named his daughter, Zelda Williams, after The Legend of Zelda game, which was first released in 1986.” Upon Williams’ death, his fans demanded through a petition that Blizzard add a tribute to the comedian within their favorite game.

“Create an NPC within World of Warcraft to memorialize the late Robin Williams, an avid World of Warcraft player, and one of the funniest men alive…. Because of his presence within our community, we the players of World of Warcraft are asking Blizzard to kindly create an NPC within the game that memorializes the actor/comedian. Many have expressed a wish to this character perform some of Williams best jokes within the Worlds End Tavern, so that he may continue making us smile long after his passing.”

A website called Wowhead has been tracking down these in-game references over time and now they’ve been spotted. For example, a character model called “Robin” looks like a genie and can be found in the Warlords Draenor beta on an island off of Talador’s coast. First you have to summon Robin by rubbing the Ever-Burning Lamp, and when he’s summoned, he exclaims, “INFINITE COSMIC POWER!” Then Robin shrinks and declares, “Itty bitty living space.” While slightly different from the famous lines in the Disney movie Aladdin, it seems obvious that’s the reference.

They also managed to uncover a large broken egg nearby that is probably a Robin Williams reference to the Mork TV show.

There are also some stuffed animals and tanks, hinting at a potential tribute to Toys.

Another Robin NPC might be a World Of Warcraft version of Mrs. Doubtfire, although that one seems not as obvious based upon the photos.