Avert Your Eyes! Nancy Grace Has Wardrobe Malfunction On ‘Dancing With the Stars’ [Video]

What you are about to see, you cannot un-see. Nancy Grace accidentally exposed her breast last night on “Dancing With the Stars.”

After Nancy Grace’s wardrobe malfunction, the CNN reporter kept on dancing, apparently not noticing that her nipple was exposed for millions to see. Grace only covered up when host Tom Bergeron pointed out that her breast was falling out of her dress.

Bergeron said:

“Let me help you out there a little bit. It’s alright. On the European version of that would be perfectly fine.”

Grace buried her head into her partner’s chest, but didn’t seem to be bothered too much by the incident.

Here’s the video of Nancy Grace’s wardrobe malfunction on “Dancing With the Stars.”

The Huffington Post notes that the incident was edited out of the west coast version of “Dancing with the Stars.”

Despite the wardrobe malfunction, or maybe because of it, Nancy Grace scored pretty well on last night’s show. The judges said that Grace’s routine was “refreshing” even though “it was a bit top heavy at times.”

CBS reports that J.R. Martinez, Kristin Cavallari, Ricki Lake were the top three contestants at the end of last night’s show, while David Arquette, Carson Kressley, Chaz Bono were at the bottom. Nancy Grace, who was toward the bottom prior to the show, took a big step up with 21 points last night.

What do you think of Nancy Grace on “Dancing with the Stars? Was her performance buoyed by her wardrobe malfunction?