Taco Bell Tests A Taco Made Out Of A Biscuit And New Crunchwraps

Taco Bell thinks it can do more than waffles for its breakfast menu and has decided to test tacos made out of biscuits and twists on its Crunchwraps.

If you aren’t drooling already, grab a napkin.

Taco Bell upped its breakfast menu a notch in select locations by offering a flaky biscuit, unsurprisingly shaped like a taco shell, filled with Southern-inspired crispy chicken and country-style gravy or crispy chicken smothered in jalapeno honey sauce, according to the Los Angeles Times. If a classic breakfast of sausage, egg, and cheese or bacon, egg, and cheese is more your style, then you can get the Taco Bell taco biscuit that way instead.

San Antonio and Atlanta restaurants were able to try the first Taco Bell biscuit tacos, and now they are being tested in certain restaurants in Orange County and Los Angeles.

Taco Bell claims that its taco biscuits are made with real butter and buttermilk. Elie Ayrouth of Food Beast bluntly described the biscuit taco as “a warm, flakey, golden brown biscuit that happens to be shaped in the form of a taco.”

If Taco Bell’s biscuit isn’t calling your name, that’s not the only breakfast test that Taco Bell has up its sleeve hoping to eventually entice hungry customers to come to its restaurants in the morning.

Taco Bell is also testing a new A.M. Country Crunchwrap and an A.M. California Crunchwrap. The Country Crunchwrap involves classic savory morning delights such as sausage, hash browns, eggs, cheddar cheese, and gravy. The California Crunchwrap may delight those with a palate desiring some morning spice with hash browns, bacon, eggs, guacamole, pico de gallo, and cheddar cheese.

Taco Bell A.M. Crunchwrap
Taco Bell is testing a two new A.M. Crunchwraps to entice hungry morning appetites.

Taco Bell has already seen some success with its morning lineup of fast food, and the Waffle Taco was no exception. According to Fox News, the Waffle Taco was responsible for 7 percent of all Taco Bell sales last quarter.

As Taco Bell continues to try to build its morning line up, a person can’t help but to wonder what they will think of next. What would you like to see on Taco Bell’s morning menu?

[Images via Taco Bell]