Half-Dressed Nicole Scherzinger Goes Sexy, Artsy, Overdramatic For ‘On The Rocks’ Video

Nicole Scherzinger has finally released the video for her second single, “On the Rocks,” and it runs the gamut of, well, music video tropes. There’s half-nakedness and throwing glasses and artsy footage and, above all, Scherzinger writhing about in varying states of undress.

Did we mention the half-nakedness already? We did? Well, we felt it needed more of a mention, considering how much of the video Nicole Scherzinger writhing about in her underwear on a bed. “On the Rocks,” it turns out, is a big breakup song, and we all know that every breakup needs its “twisting and turning in your skivvies on a plush bed” phase. For closure, of course.

When Nicole isn’t twisting and turning on a bed, she’s apparently berating the guy that broke her heart in the video. Whatever she’s got to say must be pretty heavy, because the guy is taking it all with multiple servings of hard liquor while Scherzinger lets him have it. We’ve got to say, though, if Nicole told us she was done with us, we’d probably have to seek consolation from our good friend Jack Daniels, too.

Since it’s a breakup song, there are the requisite shots of Nicole looking into the camera and crying, Nicole giving “here’s what you’re missing” looks at us from the bed, Nicole throwing things around, and Nicole twirling in either freedom or frustration or both. At the end, Scherzinger is free of her troubled lover, we guess, and she runs outside to dance around and lift up her shirt. Anyone who knows anything about human behavior knows that Scherzinger is giving the universal sign for “I’m free!”

All of Nicole’s antics, of course, are delivered in classy black and white footage.

Maybe we’re being a bit harsh here, but that’s just a reaction to the hype machine that’s built up around Scherzinger’s newest single and this video over the past month. Scherzinger turned heads earlier this year when she took part in the Ice Bucket Challenge, and those same heads did a full 360 when Nicole showed off the sizzling hot cover art for “On the Rocks.” Earlier this week, Scherzinger made headlines again when she and friends partied in tiny bikinis off the coast of Spain, and it’s all been a lead-up to this: the video release of “On the Rocks.”

The single is the second one off her forthcoming album, which will apparently be produced in its entirety by The Dream. We’re pretty sure Scherzinger’s breakup anthem will catch on with some of the more pop-minded recently jilted lovers, but it will definitely have to pick up more steam if she wants her album to be a hit. The first single, “Your Love,” didn’t really catch fire, lost as it was among the bigger pop tunes of the summer.

Still, even if Scherzinger’s “On the Rocks” doesn’t exactly take off, Nicole’s got a big fan base under her, or at least a ton of people that will check for news on her. When she showed off the cover art to the new single, Nicole’s Instagram page gained thousands of new followers, 384 comments on the one post, and more than 25,000 likes.