‘Scandal’ Spoilers: Recast On The Way For One Character In Season 4

There are a lot of changes ahead for season 3 of Scandal, and now news just popped up of another one. Expect to see a different look when it comes to Fitz and Mellie’s daughter, as a new actress is taking over the role of Karen Grant.

Entertainment Weekly shares the Scandal spoilers that Madeline Carroll, who has played Karen until now, is leaving the show. Now Body of Proof star Mary Mouser will be playing the character going forward. It will be interesting to see if this will bring a shift in the personality of Karen, who previously has been a bit on the abrasive side at times.

Apparently the character of Karen will be more prominent in season 4. Granted, now that Jerry Jr. is gone, it makes sense that viewers will see more of Karen but it seems things may be rocky for a bit. It seems that Carroll isn’t returning to the role due to scheduling issues.

What else can viewers expect when season 4 gets going? Shonda Rhimes, of course, keeps the biggest twists and turns for her shows under wraps. For example, it’s pretty safe to say that nobody saw the specifics of Jerry Jr.’s death coming. That said, there are some Scandal spoilers available.

According to TVLine, Scandal spoilers indicate that season 4 will pick up a little more than two months after where season 3 ended. It sounds as if the new episodes will pick up right around the time of Fitz’s inauguration for his second term as president. Additional details indicate that Olivia Pope will, naturally, return to Washington at some point, but viewers will have to wait and see why and whether she’s still with Jake when it happens.

Sadly Harrison is gone for good, which doesn’t come as a surprise to those who have followed actor Columbus Short’s off-screen challenges. Look for a new Mellie, though Rhimes didn’t dish out any specifics in quite what way she will change. However, Shonda points out that Mellie’s world has blown up with Jerry Jr.’s death, though there is still more to come regarding her relationship with Andrew.

Eventually, Fitz will learn the truth that it was Rowan, not Maya, who had Jerry Jr. killed. Rhimes teases that this will come sometime during the first half of season 4. That should certainly make for some interesting scenes. Scandal season 4 premieres on ABC on Thursday, September 25 and fans cannot wait to get started.

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