Amie Smith, 23, Faces Jail Time After Starving Her Dog To Death

Amie Smith, 23, is facing jail time after her Staffordshire bull terrier was neglected, abused, and starved for weeks. According to the Mail Online, Rocky (the dog) was found dead in Smith’s home in Tyneside, England. The pup was found on the floor of the kitchen and was very thin. It is believed that he had been locked in the dirty kitchen without food and water for an unknown length of time.

“The officer found a deceased, white Staffordshire bull terrier lying on the kitchen floor among a vast amount of rubbish. The body of the dog was emaciated and had ribs protruding. There were feces all over the floor. There was an empty water bowl and tins of food with dints in, as if the dog had attempted to open the tin with his teeth.”

Amie Smith’s home was searched after someone phoned police and notified them of a “smell of death” coming from the house. Smith has pleaded guilty to charges of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal at Newcastle Magistrate on Thursday, September 4. According to Chronicle Live, Rocky was half the weight he should have been. His condition was referred to as “severe, prolonged and avoidable.”

“The RSPCA inspector said there was an over-powering smell and that the kitchen was extremely cluttered. She noticed the tins of dog meat, which had been chewed. The vet said the unnecessary suffering of starvation would have caused immense stress. The hunger would have caused loss of consciousness before death occurred.”

It is unknown why Amie Smith didn’t feed her dog, or take proper care of him. It is said that Smith feels terrible about what happened to Rocky. Speaking in her defense, David Parish said that Ms. Smith suffers from mental health issues, though he didn’t elaborate. There has also been some chatter about Smith being involved in some kinds of domestic violence that kept her from returning to that home.

“She was the victim of domestic violence, which occurred where the dog was found. She was not able to cope and felt she couldn’t return to the property. She is deeply sorry, deeply upset and deeply ashamed at what has happened.”

Smith will be sentenced by the end of the month.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the CEO of a company was recently under fire after a video of him abusing a dog went viral. The video released last month showed Des Hague, CEO of Centerplate, kicking and dragging a Doberman Pinscher. It is unknown if criminal charges will be filed in the case.

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