Burglar Faces A Woman, A Gun, And A Pitbull: Not A Good Combination For Him [Video]

Barb Haley and her 8-year-old pit bull, Dozer were home alone, or so they thought, at 3 am Tuesday. WOWT reports that Barb heard a noise that woke her up, so she and Dozer began searching the house. Barb found the door to her garage was open, but after not finding anyone, she got back in bed.

Just as Barb climbed back into bed, she heard a horrific crash. Grabbing her gun, she and Dozer went to scope it out. Barb found Dozer’s behavior odd as he was sniffing suspiciously down the hall, and he never does that.

WOWT reports that Dozer entered her office, and Barb followed with the gun. Barb immediately spotted a mess all over the room, and two hands were waving at her through the closet.

Barb’s authoritative side revealed itself as she yelled out to the intruder waving at her in the closet. “Don’t move! I’ll blow your f-ing head off,” as she immediately called 911.

“Please don’t hurt me. Please don’t hurt me. I just am thirsty. I just wanted something to drink.”

The burglar was 24-year-old Jody Kudlacz. Barb was quick to reply back to Jody, “No, I have a gun and I will shoot you.”

Barb’s husband, who was out of town at the time, had already taught Barb how to use a gun. So, her level of confidence was high at this point.

“If he would have made one move, I would have done what I needed to do, absolutely. I’m the type of person where I’m fine. Just don’t mess with me,” Barb tells WOWT. I like her.

The intruder, Jody, continued to try and make conversation with Barb. He began telling Barb, “You know me, You know me!” Barb replied with, “I don’t know you, shut up and quit talking to me. I wanted to be in charge, I wanted to take care of business. I was going to deal with whatever I had to deal with.”

Barb soon realized the whole “wanting a drink of water” story was a lie when she looked around the room and saw where he had stacked up the things he was going to allegedly steal: credit cards, cash, and jewelry.

Realizing that he had not seen her from within the closet, Barb decided to make it very clear to him that she had a gun. So she cocked it! Yep, a loaded.45 semiautomatic handgun aimed at the intruder. How do you like them apples, Obama?

The police arrived, finding Barb still holding the gun on Kudlacz. He was arrested and his bond was set for $75,000. Barb is thankful her husband has always been such a gun advocate. She says she is one now, too. She told KMTV if she had come face-to-face with the intruder that she would have had no problem shooting him. Good for you, Barb.

Do you agree that’s why Americans need to have the right to own guns? To protect ourselves from the likes of Jody Kudlacz?

[Photo Credit: WOWT]