Heather Bilyeu Flips Out: Josh Altman Controls Too Much With The Wedding Planning

Heather Bilyeu may not be an official cast member of Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles, but she has been on the show for years. Bilyeu started out as Madison Hildebrand’s assistant a couple of years ago, and fans loved their dynamic team spirit. However, when Heather Bilyeu started dating Josh Altman, things fell apart with Madison.

Madison has since left the show and Bilyeu is currently planning her wedding to Josh Altman. But Josh is taking full control of the wedding planning, which is starting to get to Heather. On yesterday’s episode of Million Dollar Listing: LA, Bilyeu ended up locking Altman out of their shared home because he was excluding her from the planning.

According to a new Bravo report, Heather Bilyeu was furious with her future husband, but Altman understands her frustration and he admits that he deserved to be locked out.

“On to the drama. Even though Heather locked me out of the house, I couldn’t get that mad at her because she looked so damn hot! I’m a very lucky man. Trying to navigate this wedding stuff is not that easy,” Altman has revealed in his official blog for the show.

It is unknown whether the two have set a wedding date. The couple shared their engagement on Million Dollar Listing: LA, and it is possible that they will share their wedding on Bravo as well. This wouldn’t be the first time that an agent has shared his wedding with Bravo. Just last year, Fredrik Eklund shared his wedding to Derek Kaplan on Million Dollar Listing: New York.

Maybe Josh isn’t scheduling in some wedding planning time because he is dealing with two new co-stars. Two new agents have joined the Bravo show and they are proving to be quite the competitive force.

According to The Inquisitr, Heather Bilyeu was thrilled when Josh proposed to her while filming the show. He was super nervous and Heather looked worried for a minute, as he was stuttering to get through his little speech before presenting the ring. What Heather Bilyeu didn’t know was that her family and friends were waiting for her after she had accepted his proposal for a celebration.

All Bilyeu is asking is that Josh includes her in the planning, so she isn’t left out of her own wedding. It really isn’t too much to ask.

Do you think Heather Bilyeu’s actions on the show this week were justified?

[Image via Beamly]