‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Scoop: Will Meredith’s Marriage Survive? [Video]

Is Meredith’s marriage in trouble on Grey’s Anatomy? If you don’t want in on any spoilers, then you should stop reading right about now. Are you still with us? Fantastic.

Since May’s season finale, we’ve been teasing through various spoilers that all signs point to yes. Will their current problem be the end all, be all of this power couple? Although creator Shonda Rhimes is hesitant to say anything concrete on this matter, we don’t think she will throw in the towel for Derek and Meredith.

As some of you may know Meredith and Derek are at a standstill because Derek wants to move from Seattle to D.C. to work for the president, and has put his foot down in regards to this. Meredith seemed like she was going along with it, especially when Derek was able to get her a cushy job as a surgeon in D.C. but then her best friend and fellow surgeon Cristina Yang gave her some important words of advice before she left.

After a whole season of thinking her friend didn’t see her as a real surgeon because she was a mother, Yang told her “person” to not let Derek’s needs eclipse her own, and that she’s a truly brilliant surgeon. Well, this was all Meredith really needed to hear to kick herself into high gear.

Now, for the first time since the finale, we have the first promo from the new season. In it, Meredith is hugging her “new” person longtime friend and sometimes nemesis Alex Karev as she wonders if her marriage is doomed.

Many teased that Meredith’s growing close to Karev meant that there was something more in the air, but it looks like for once Grey’s Anatomy will feature a friendship between the opposite sex that actually stays platonic.

Earlier The Inquisitr reported a bit of gossip from TV Line in regards to how Alex’s close relationship will affect his actual romantic relation with Jo.

“Jo is going to be horrified to discover how much time Alex is going to be spending with Meredith, and how much time Meredith is going to be spending [at their] house. Alex feels responsible for her. He feels like Cristina didn’t just leave him a seat on the board and the shares, she left him Meredith as well,” said Rhimes.

“They’re the last men standing of those original interns. I wouldn’t say they’re becoming besties. [It’s more that] they’ve always had a very close relationship that didn’t ever need a lot of work because they always had a million other people there. Now, it’s sort of the two of them, and they do become closer.”

As far as other spoilers go, Rhimes said that this will be a Meredith Grey centric season. Of course that sounds like a no brainer since the show is called Grey’s Anatomy, but as Meredith transformed from the “dark and twisty” Meredith into the strong surgeon and mother of two, her character has stepped aside to let others shine. Going into its 11th season of the ABC series, it’s going back to its origin story now that Meredith has a bunch of important story lines, including another secret half-sister, to deal with.

While we aren’t sure where Shonda will leave Meredith and Derek come the season finale, we do know it’s bound to be a very juicy season.

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