Betty White Discounts Death Rumors, Dishes Vegan Virtue

Betty White isn’t amused to find herself listed among the dead. A satire about how the 92-year-old actress dyes her own hair went viral, while proving that many people skipped the class on homophones, reported Extra on September 4. Her agent quickly set the record straight about the fact that while Betty White does dye her hair, she is alive, well, and (sorry, fans) not a natural blonde.

The actress found herself trending on Twitter as the rumors spread. Proving that Betty White has an extensive fan club, Tweeps twittered their sorrow. However, others were dumbfounded at the, well, dumbness.

“Why on earth would people ever make a hoax about Betty White dying? People are so dumb,” Brandi Diem tweeted.

The Betty White Brouhaha began with the Empire News. Famed for its semi-satirical articles, the publication crafted this headline: “Actress Betty White, 92, Dyes Peacefully In Her Los Angeles Home.” And the misinterpretation of the word “dyes” quickly spread, reported CNN on September 4.

That satire also included a fictional quote from her agent, Jeff Witjas.

“Betty has often told me she feels it is relaxing and soothing to dye her own hair, peacefully in her home, where she can laugh and enjoy time with her animals,” said the Betty White satire.

However, although Witjas is her agent, he denied the quote.

“Betty (White) and I have an understanding,” Witjas said. “I have told her that I have already booked her when she turns 100 and there is no out clause. Betty never backs out of a date.”

What is true in that fictional quote, however, is Betty’s love for animals, as reported by The Inquisitr.

The actress has been vegetarian for almost three decades. As an animal rights activist, Betty White has publicized her belief that she could never eat a “best friend.” She also has credited her youthful complexion to giving up red meat. She supports the Farm Animal Reform Movement and Friends of Animals group.

[Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images]