Joan Rivers Conspiracy Theory: Jay Z And Beyonce's Illuminati Blamed For Joan's Death

Effie Orfanides

Joan Rivers conspiracy theories have hit the internet. It hasn't even been 24 hours since Joan passed away at Mount Sinai hospital in Manhattan, New York, but the first chatter of a conspiracy surfaced just hours after Joan died. According to The International Business Times, some people are finding a connection to (wait for it) Jay-Z and Beyonce, and are blaming the Illuminati for Joan's death.

First things first, Joan's last insult/joke on Twitter was on Aug. 27 and was about Bey and Jay.

— Joan Rivers (@Joan_Rivers) August 27, 2014

However, the connections being made between Joan and Jay-Z and Beyonce are strange -- coincidental you might say -- but strange nonetheless. Someone (at least one person) wrote out the connections between Joan's death and the power couple. You may or may not have seen the following "facts" posted on social media.

Joan Rivers' cause of death is said to be under investigation. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, some people are making a Michael Jackson link in the case. Could Joan have died due to the same drug blamed in MJ's death? To many, it is a very real possibility.

"Newly sourced information suggests that investigators are eyeing the drug Propofol– the anesthesia connected to Michael Jackson's death, as a cause behind Rivers' hospitalization."

Oh, and in case this stuff fascinates you in any way, there is a wicked creepy YouTube video (that is a little blurry), that shows more proof that Joan Rivers was an Illuminati "sacrifice." Check it out below.

[Photo courtesy of YouTube]