Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon Still In Love With Each Other?

Mariah Carey is packing her bags and will be leaving Nick Cannon very soon, much to the dismay of their longtime fans. The whole split has been a long and painful saga, not just for the singer and the actor, but also for thousands of fans who have been rooting for them since they tied the knot in 2008. Now that people are quickly realizing that the divorce stories aren’t just baseless rumors, people either hesitantly let go of the six-year relationship or cling desperately to the very last hopes that Carey and Cannon would find each other again.

A series of tweets from Mariah’s ex-to-be is an example of one of those tiny glimpse of sunlight fans tenaciously hang on to. Very recently, Cannon posted a series of Mariah Carey tweets that seem to have revived people’s hopes about the two’s relationship.

While the tweet appeared to be an actual confession of remaining love for Mariah, the post was actually preceded with around a dozen of Carey-related tweets that would put this statement into context. Shortly before the post above, the actor tweeted to his nearly 5 million followers the following:

So basically, the tweet was really just about Cannon’s deep appreciation for Mariah Carey’s role as mother to his kids. Although it wasn’t a confession of romantic love — which frankly disappointed Carey’s fans — most were still touched by how they are still retaining a close sense of friendship for their children, Moroccan and Monroe. According to People, Nick expressed his sadness that many people on the internet have been saying bad things about Mariah lately, despite the fact that the relations between the two — albeit platonic in nature — has never been better.

Another thing that got people hoping for the best in Mariah Carey’s marriage were reports that they were rekindling their romance, with a few insiders saying that they were spotted having an intimate dinner last month in Tribeca. A few fans interpreted this as a sign that Carey is finally getting things straight for their marriage. However, the reality is less romantic than what many people initially assumed. Mariah is rebuilding her relationship with Nick for the sake of the kids, according to TMZ. It’s not what fans really wanted to hear, but the couple’s intentions are noble nonetheless.

Mariah Carey will be commencing her Asian tour later this year, beginning in Tokyo on October 4 and ending in Manila on October 28.

[Image from DWNews/Flickr]