Coffee As Depression Drug? Study Shows Benefit To Women Drinkers

Stopping at Starbucks before heading into the office might actually be helping some women stave off depression. A new study has discovered that drinking two to three cups of caffeinated coffee per day makes a female 15% less likely to suffer from depression while 4 cup a day drinkers are 20% less likely to suffer from depression.

The study, conducted at Harvard University examined the lifestyle drinking choices of more than 50,000 US nurses over a 24-year period and is considered the largest of its kind.

The study closely resembles another research project that showed how moderate coffee drinkers are less likely to commit suicide.

The positive effects of coffee have been known for quite some time and include a possible reduction in prostate cancer, breast cancer and stroke.

Since the new study only includes a study of actively working nurses some skeptics argue that the type of job and lifestyles lived by nurses may have played a role in their reduced cases of depression when mixed with caffeinated coffee.

The study also suggests that men may also benefit from drinking a few cups of joe each day.

Do you feel like a happier person when you’ve had a few cups of coffee to start your day?