WWE News: Triple H Claims That Vince McMahon Will Never Retire

This story can be taken in one of two ways. The first is a sense of true optimism that Vince McMahon will never steer the WWE away from success. He should always be the Chairman, right? McMahon literally created the WWE and the splendor it provides the WWE Universe.

On the other hand, many want McMahon out of any leadership role because of his outdated thinking and treatment to his cacophony of bodybuilders. That stereotype is about 10 years old, but you get the point.

Triple H went on Chris Jericho’s podcast, Talk is Jericho, and, accing to Wrestling News, made a claim about Vince McMahon that impacted the future of WWE without even knowing it.

“Jericho asked Triple H if Vince would ever step down from the company, to which Hunter confidently said no.

“HHH then went on to explain that Vince works more hours than ever before nowadays and rarely gets sleep. According to the King of Kings, Vince perceives exhaustion as an enemy and deals with it by training at the gym.

“Triple H also states that he is not being groomed to take over the company, and that if he does it will be because Vince McMahon has passed away.”

Before I go any further, what powerful, confident words by Triple H to go out and tell everybody the truth. There wouldn’t be a WWE without McMahon. McMahon created WrestleMania, which is a worldwide phenomenon that changes the landscape of wrestling each Spring.

People often believe Triple H is already in charge. According to the man himself, that isn’t the case. McMahon will always have pull until he is no longer able. By the way, for the CM Punk fans reading, McMahon pulled for Punk to stay with the company longer than he intended. Thank McMahon for saving the Second City Saint.

CM Punk

Some WWE fans believe McMahon needs to leave the company from a creative standpoint. That’s not a farfetched idea, but it simply cannot happen. WWE isn’t like any other company. If the CEO leaves, somebody can take over. It will be different, but if the business is successful, they will acclimate themselves to the new atmosphere.

There is no comparison between WWE and other businesses.

Regardless of the constant criticism of the product, McMahon still is an official in the WWE Creative department. Arguments can be made about his decisions as of late. Vince Russo wrote a open letter to McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, and HHH about their poor booking decisions.

When was the last time that happened? Perhaps the three didn’t even read the letter, but the fact it happened is a wake-up call. On top of that, Mark Madden of 105.9 the X in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, wrote a column about McMahon flinching at the sight of Brock Lesnar squashing John Cena for second consecutive pay-per-view

“But, by all accounts, McMahon had buyer’s remorse immediately after Lesnar squashed Cena at SummerSlam. Cena has been a WWE mainstay in the mold of Sammartino, Backlund, Hogan, etc., and McMahon has a tough time turning the page from those guys. Lesnar beating Cena twice in a row=turning the page.”

There is no arguing that logic by Madden. They made McMahon money, which is why they were kept around for so long. Their overwhelming popularity also dictated where they were in the card. However, Cena is getting stale, for real this time. His act is getting old.

Perhaps McMahon is getting too old to run a wrestling promotion. Personally, I never want to see McMahon gone, but a day will come that it happens. The WWE is McMahon. Triple H will take over the company, and when that happens, it’ll be up to each WWE fan to decide if it is truly best for business.

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