Girl Forced To Wear ‘Shame Suit’ By School: Student Breaks Out In Hives, School Stands By Their Decision

A Florida girl says she was forced to wear a “shame suit” for violating dress code policy.

In a USA Today report, 15-year-old Miranda Larkin was instructed to take off the skirt she was wearing deemed “too short” and put on a “shame suit.” A similar report was out just weeks ago as reported on the Inquisitr when when a group of girls were called out for dress code violations on the first day of school and had “bend over” checks.

This is another case of student humiliation over violating school dress code standards.

Miranda’s mother, Dianna Larkin, is outraged at what Oakleaf High School made her daughter do because they felt she went against dress code guidelines.

The student claims a teacher told her to go to the school nurse, who said she had to put on a bright yellow T-shirt and red sweat pants with the words “DRESS CODE VIOLATION” written on both articles of clothing.

“She just points at me from across the hall, and says, ‘Your skirt is too short,'” Miranda says.

Skirt that Miranda Larkin wore deemed "too short."

Miranda is a new student to this high school; she moved to Clay County from Seattle. The incident involving her skirt happened on the third day after classes starting up again.

Miranda’s mother says the outfit was “humiliating.”

“She put on the outfit in the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror and just broke down. She started sobbing and broke out in hives.”

A Clay County School District representative explains that students who violate the dress code have four options: remain in their clothes and go to in-school suspension, wear the sweats and T-shirt as a punishing consequence the rest of the day, or arrange for someone to bring appropriate clothes.

The girl says she was given just one option by the school — to wear the “shame suit.”

Mrs. Larkin argues that her daughter’s privacy was violated.

“I feel that by putting a kid in an outfit that says what they did wrong across their chest and down their leg is taking their private records and making them public and that’s a clear violation of their privacy rights.”

KREM mentions in their report that Miranda’s skirt was 3-to-4-inches above the knee, but she wasn’t aware of the dress code violation.

Miranda was permitted to leave school early and not have in-school suspension.

Larkin says she’s filing a complaint with Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act [FERPA], for publicly disciplining her daughter.

According to reports, the Clay County School District says “the intent of the outfit is to get students back to class as quickly as possible.”

The School Board attorney consulted with other districts and shares that their policy is deemed suitable.

“(The outfit) is not displaying a discipline record to the public. If we took off the words the other students would still know that the prison orange T-shirts were for dress code violations. I think that the practice is OK.”

What do you think about the school making a student wear a “shame suit” for violating dress codes?

[Photo Credit: Dianna Larkin via Daily Mail]