Google Android Has Controlled 56% Of Smartphone Market In Last Three Months

Here’s a stat that should have Apple scratching their heads, in the last three months 56% of Smartphone buyers chose to purchase a Google Android phone instead of a device from Apple, RIM or Nokia.

A Nielsen rating earlier in the month showed that Google’s mobile OS was already powering 42 percent of all globally purchased Smartphones while Apple commanded 28-percent of the market.

The new survey shows that in the last several weeks Android’s market share has increased to 43 percent of the overall market, a gain that was likely due to Research in Motions (RIM) decline which now sits at just 9-percent of the overall Smartphone market. Other smartphones including Windows Phone 7, Bada, and MeeGo meanwhile account for just 6-percent of all sales.

While an increase is impressive enough Google has even more good news, the overall Smartphone market increased to 58-percent of the overall mobile phone market which means their increases actually show a bigger gain then numbers would suggest.

Do you prefer the Apple iOS or a device powered by Google Android?