Hilary Duff, Bar Refaeli Respond To ‘The Fappening’ Nude Photos

Hilary Duff and Bar Refaeli are the latest celebrities to respond to their alleged leaked nude photos, and The Fappening’s pervy participants might not like what they have to say.

Redditors and 4chan posters have been sharing nude photos that supposedly came from the phones of Hilary Duff and Bar Refaeli. However, both celebs contend that the photos are fakes. According to E! Online, Duff’s rep confirmed that the pictures being passed around do not depict the former Lizzie McGuire star. Even though the photos aren’t the real deal, her camp has still contacted the FBI in hopes of finding those responsible for dragging Hilary’s name into the celebrity nude photo scandal.

The pictures being passed off as nude photos of Hilary Duff and Bar Refaeli are only from the neck down, so it’s crazy that so many internet users were so quick to believe that whoever first shared them was telling the truth about who they depicted. Perhaps they bought this claim so easily because Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence both confirmed that their photos were real.

It also doesn’t help that Hilary Duff has admitted to taking faceless nude photos for husband Mike Comrie. According to a 2010 report by Popdirt, she told talk show host Billy Bush that she sent the pics to Comrie to keep their love life spicy whenever work forced them to be apart.

“Never with my face in it,” she said. “We’ve gotta be fun. We’ve gotta keep it interesting you know?”

However, a source close to Hilary Duff contended that the faceless photos in question are fakes and said that it’s ridiculous that random nude pics can be passed off as private pictures of celebrities.

“What kind of world do we live in where someone can just take nude photos of any person from the neck down and then claim they are a celebrity and try to sell those?”

Hilary Duff’s rep also examined the nude photos (which is a bit creepy in and of itself) and told TMZ that they’re missing “defining birthmarks” and “recognizable tattoos.” Her rep also stated that anyone who publicly claims that the photos were stolen from Hilary will face legal action.

Bar Refaeli didn’t go so far as to issue any threats, but she did let her Twitter followers know that it’s illegal to look at her fake nude photos.

However, according to Viral Global News, Redditors are using some crazy CSI tactics to try to prove that the very explicit photos really do belong to Bar Refaeli, and they’re posting their evidence on The Fappening subreddit. This evidence consists of photos that show Bar sporting a ghost butterfly tattoo similar to the one pictured in one of the nude photos. However, one Redditor pointed out that the tat isn’t an exact match.

“The butterfly tattoo is not in the same place on her wrist and the photo of her tattoo on google shows the head of the butterfly to be facing diagonally in the general direction of her fingers. But in the nude photo, the head of the butterfly is pointing diagonally upwards, away from her fingers.”

Redditors haven’t been able to find any “evidence” proving that the alleged Hilary Duff photos might real, but they’ve been doing something similar with leaked nude photos that are supposedly the stolen property of Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza. In their desperation to prove that Plaza is the girl in the photos, they resorted to looking at mole placements and belly button shapes. So far Aubrey hasn’t responded to the great nude photo debate.

Hopefully Hilary Duff and Bar Refaeli are telling the truth about the photos being fakes. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Victoria Justice and McKayla Maroney both faced a huge Twitter backlash after they changed their stories about their nude photos. They both originally responded by tweeting that their photos were fakes, but they later took actions that seemed to indicate that some of the pictures were real.

Hilary Duff and Bar Refaeli are either telling the truth, or they only took faceless nude photos (it’s much easier for celebs to simply deny the validity of hacked photos if they don’t feature faces). Whatever the case may be, one thing’s for certain: It’s ridiculous that they have to deal with this issue, and the only people involved in this scandal deserving of criticism are the hackers stealing nude photos and those trying to claim that random naked pictures are the stolen property of celebrities.

[Image credit: David Shankbone, Georges Biard via Wikimedia]