World’s Most Selfish Selfie? Policeman Takes Selfie Moments Before Man Jumps To Death!

A picture of a Turkish policemen who is seen taking a selfie — as a man is about to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge — is being hailed as the most selfish selfie ever taken.

The unidentified policeman is now being investigated by the Turkish police department after the insensitive act of the policeman posing for the selfie went viral. According to IBN Live, the selfie obsessed cop is now being blamed for the death of the 35-year-old man who was later identified as Sadrettin Saskin. The officer took a selfie of himself moments before Saskin leapt 600 feet off the bridge to his death.

A Turkey police department spokesperson Maksud Calik has said that they are aware of the incident and that they are launching a full investigation into the conduct of the officer during what was obviously an emergency.

“A full investigation into the officer’s conduct is ongoing. Any breach of duty, identified, will be disciplined,” Maksud Calik was quoted as saying.

Calkin also added that the person who committed suicide had made similar attempts earlier as well. In fact, this was Saskin’s third attempt at suicide.

“Highly trained negotiators were trying to talk him into coming back onto the bridge when he suddenly let go and fell.”

Sadrettin Saskin was reportedly facing financial issues when he took this drastic step after a long battle with depression, according to a report by The Mirror.

While a man taking a selfie when another is depressed and on the verge of dying is certainly deplorable, this is not the first time this has happened. The internet is filled with instances of extremely inappropriate selfies. Perhaps the crassest of them all was this one image posted by an unidentified woman in New York which shows her snapping a selfie just as a man was about to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge. The woman even managed a sly grin.

Brooklyn bridge selfie woman

Then there are the countless number of selfies obviously taken during funerals. One selfie shows a woman in her bikini posing with her grand mom’s ashes.

grandmom ashes selfie

Even president Obama was accused of being insensitive after he was spotted posing for a selfie during the funeral service of former South African president Nelson Mandela who died earlier this year.

Do you think the selfie craze is crossing all limits of decency?

[Image Via The Mirror / Europics]