Kelly Clarkson Debuts Full Length Video For “Mr. Know It All” Single [Video]

Kelly Clarkson on Monday debuted the “Mr. Know It All” music video, the first single from her upcoming album “Stronger.”

During an interview with MTV News Clarkson described the video as a “a mixture of sleek performance footage and glamour shots.”

Speaking directly about the single she said:

“Mr. Know It All” … came out of nowhere. And luckily it did, because everybody fell in love with it. I think why I was attracted to it was, first of all, every girl has probably dated that guy, and also just in work life, I’ve known a lot of those people — especially in this industry. And people that try and pigeonhole you. I think I was just attracted to that idea of being a little sassy and feisty with that message.

If you’re a fan of Kelly Clarkson or you just want to check out her newest single here’s the music video: