Zenya Bashford: Justin Timberlake’s Backup Singer May Also Be His Mistress

Zenya Bashford is the backup singer for Justin Timberlake during his tour, but sources say beyond the stage their relationship may go much deeper.

Justin has been away from wife Jessica Biel for most of the last nine months as he travels the country for his 20/20 tour. But new photos show that Timberlake may have not been entirely alone during that time as he was spotted cozying up to Bashford at a Paris nightclub.

Pictures taken that night show Justin Timberlake and Zenya Bashford dancing close, with Zenya’s hand on Justin’s lower back and then wrapped around his neck.

A source told Star magazine that something clearly was going on between the two.

“It was definitely more than friendly,” a witness said. “They were dancing in a way that no married man should ever dance with someone who is not his wife.”

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The source added that the incident could mean big trouble for Justin Timberlake back home. Jessica Biel has reportedly suspected Justin of wandering and has her eye on Zenya Bashford.

“Jessica is no fool,” the insider adds. “She knows she has to keep an eye on Justin. She’s noticed that he’s friendly with a lot of his backup crew but she’s been especially suspicious of Zenya.”

The separation caused by the 20/20 tour has also been adding to the stress between Justin Timerlake and Jessica Biel, a source told the Hollywood Gossip.

“Justin and Jessica are battling over his long tour absences, his refusal to start a family, and his alleged liaisons with other women,” the source said. “Even though he says he hasn’t cheated on her, she is very suspicious and wants to know what she can use against him in court if it comes to that.”

But a rep for Justin Timberlake told Star magazine that nothing was going on with Zenya Bashford, and his marriage with Jessica Biel is fine.