Batman TV Series ‘Gotham’ Is The Origin Story Of Bruce Wayne And Villains Before The Dark Knight

The new Batman TV series Gotham has everyone speculating which direction the show will take the Dark Knight. One thing is for certain. This will be the most detailed version of the Batman origin story we have ever seen; diving into both the mythos of the city and the young Bruce Wayne.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the Batman TV series Gotham will be heading to Netflix according to reports.

“The move, experts say, is part of an aggressive, comprehensive plan by Netflix to amass an enormous library of movies and television shows to become and remain the world’s dominant streaming service. There’s no word on the fiscal intricacies of the deal between Netflix and the company behind Gotham, but insiders say it’s a risky move at any cost. Gotham hasn’t even premiered yet, so no one really knows hows audiences will react to the show and in what numbers.”

The premise of the Batman TV series has some questioning the direction of the show. Bruce Wayne is just a kid while the city of Gotham will be explored mostly through the eyes of a young James Gordon; the man who will eventually become Gotham City’s police commissioner, the go to guy for Batman and the father of the future Batgirl aka Barbara Gordon.

Bruno Heller, executive producer, for the Batman TV series, explains how the story might differ from the comics.

“It’s not a whole new mythology. Mythology in the true sense of the word is precisely when so many stories are created that none of them can be consonant with each other. You name any mythological hero, and there are contradictions in the story… (Y)ou’ve reached the level of a genuine myth (when) many stories can be told. What we won’t do is break the kind of canonical iron truths of the Batman story. But issues of chronology and who was there when and how, we will play with. In a fun way, not in a disrespectful way or a sort of iconoclastic way.”

Batman TV Series 'Gotham' Is The Origin Story Of Bruce Wayne And Villains Before The Dark Knight

Much of the focus of the story will be how Gotham became the city that needs a Dark Knight in the first place and how the various Batman villains came to be.

The first focus will be on how Oswald Cobblepott becomes the Penguin by starting his career as a grunt for a new villain called Fish Mooney, who is a crime boss in Gotham. Cobblepott uses a split in the underworld between the Maroni family and the Falcone family to play both sides against each other. Interestingly enough, it will be the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents that sets the foundation for Cobblepott becoming the Penguin in the long run.

Do you think the Batman TV series Gotham will be able to stand on its own without having the Dark Knight?