Can the Best Place to Find Job and Place to Stay Meet?

Job search engine, together with real estate resource, released an infographic depicting the best and worst places to find a job as related to finding a place to stay in the 50 largest US cities.

If you're planning to rent, go to Long Beach and Los Angeles. Both ranked highly for job seekers looking for a home to rent. Both areas also saw an 8.3 percent increase in job openings from July 2010.

Avoid Honolulu, Hawaii. It is the worst city to look for a job while planning to rent a home. It offers the highest median in rental price and some of the lowest job opening numbers.

If you're planning to buy, stay away from New York City. The city claims both the highest median listing price and the largest number of job openings. It's good for job seekers but not for home buyers.

Washington, D.C. is a great place to live and work for pontential home buyers. The area registered an 8.2 percent increase in job openings from July 2010.

Gautam Godhwani, CEO of, in explaining the importance of their infographic in answering the important questions of where to work and live at the same time:

"Year-over-year job growth has increased in 98 percent of the top U.S. cities, and we're finally seeing jobs come back to pre-recession levels of just over five million listings nationally. People make three important decisions in life: where to work, who to marry and where to live. Through a data exchange with Trulia, is helping to clarify at least two of these important choices by providing the Best Cities: Where Career and Home Meet infographics to help job seekers to better understand their best options regarding where to live and work depending on their personal situation."