September 4, 2014
Snake In Thousand Oaks Found: Officials Locate Deadly Cobra That Escaped And Attacked Dog

A snake on the loose in Thousand Oaks has been found after a frantic search for the dangerous and exotic pet.

After an exhaustive search of the area, the Ventura County Fire Department announced that the snake had been found in Thousand Oaks.

On Wednesday the albino monocled cobra someone escaped into the streets of the Los Angeles suburb, attacking a dog near the 1300 block of Rancho Lane. The animal had to be taken to a veterinary hospital, where it was listed in critical condition.

During the attack the dog's owner was able to take a picture of the giant white snake.

The attack kicked off an extensive search for the snake in Thousand Oaks, and authorities warned residents not to approach the snake and to keep pets inside.

In California, cobras are restricted animals and owners need a permit to keep one. The state determines that the snake can only be used for scientific and education purposes, Janice Mackey, a Fish and Wildlife spokeswoman, told the Los Angeles Times.Some municipalities within California, including Los Angeles County, have a total ban on owning the deadly cobra.

"A cobra is pretty darn dangerous," Mackey said.

Experts said the cobra's venom can kill a person within hours if they are not treated.

Pet snakes have proven dangerous in the past. It was actually a snake bite that killed adult film star Billy Glide earlier this summer, though it was a rattlesnake that a friend was keeping as a pet. Friend said Billy was bitten while helping a friend move, but refused to seek medical help.

The source of the snake loose in Thousand Oaks has not been determined, but CBS reported that the snake was seen near a company called Brocketts Film Fauna, a company that rents exotic animals for television and movie shoots. The company reportedly advertised an albino monocle cobra like the one loose in Thousand Oaks.