Making someone “uncomfortable” online could get you charged with domestic violence

I can totally understand the need for things like laws against cyber-bulling or stalking but as one 15-year-old-boy in Rhode Island is finding out the simple act of sending a message over the web to a 16-year-old girl that makes her feel uncomfortable can end up with you facing domestic violence charges.

So now the simple act of making someone uncomfortable can find you in court and possibly in jail.

Police say the 15-year-old Barrington boy met a 16-year-old girl while taking classes this summer and they started to talk through Facebook.

But police say the 16-year-old felt uncomfortable when the messages started getting inappropriate.

Police started the investigation in July and now they’ve charged the minor with cyber stalking, which is now punishable under the domestic violence prevention act.


I hate to point out that being uncomfortable is a constant of teenage life and when you add in puberty and the hormone wars that are going on it can lead to some strange things being said; but being charged for domestic violence?

Isn’t that going just a tad too far?

Even the originator of the Rhode Island law didn’t see her law being used like this.