Scarlett Johansson Gives Birth To A Baby Girl! See What She Named Her

It’s official! Scarlett Johansson has given birth to a baby girl. Johansson and fiancee Romain Dauriac welcomed their baby girl today. Johansson’s rep confirmed to the Associated Press that “mother and daughter are doing well.”

So, now that we know Johansson’s bundle of joy was a baby girl, what did she name her? According to E!, Scarlett’s little girl is named Rose.

It’s a bit of a surprise that Johansson would officially announce the birth of her daughter. For the majority of her pregnancy, the actress was on the down low and didn’t attend too many functions while she was expecting. The actress even skipped one of the biggest events of the year — Comic-Con. It was a huge event to miss, considering there was a rumor flying around that the Black Widow movie is eventually coming from Marvel.

That said, there were a few sightings of Johansson out and about during her pregnancy which resulted in much fawning by her fans.

scarlett johansson is super pregnant, pass it on by avengers_gonna_avenge — Quoc Tran Van (@KalisLymply) August 31, 2014

As for when she’s getting married to her fiance, sources told E! that she really isn’t in a rush and everything will happen after the baby comes.

“She is telling friends that she is not getting married until after the baby.”

Back in May, the Lucy actress opened up to The Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson about any plans she might have after the baby arrives.

At the time, Ferguson asked the starlet if she had plans to move to France, the native homeland of her journalist fiance or if she wants to stay in the United States. Scarlett seemed undecided at the time saying, “I don’t know. Maybe neither, who knows?”

Then she thought more about it and continued.

“I’ve been thinking lately that maybe it’s good to move to some faraway country where you can ski. I was thinking, maybe it would be nice to move to Switzerland.”

Although Scarlett has been otherwise very private about her daughter, her Avengers co-star Robert Downey Jr. had nothing but praise for her. The actor told E!, “She’s the greatest. I know she’s gonna be a great mom.”

The couple became engaged back in September of 2013 after dating since November of 2012. The news of her pregnancy was confirmed back in March.

[Image via Marvel]