Ringo Starr Appalled By Isis’ Link To The Beatles

Ringo Starr, former drummer of the Beatles, has denounced the Briton jihadist member of ISIS nicknamed ‘Jihadi John’. Jihadi John is infamously known for beheading two American journalists, James Foley and Steven Sotloff. Starr has also been offended that three Britons prominent within the militant extremist group have been dubbed ‘The Beatles’.

Starr also told the Evening Standard that the two groups had different ideology and bemoans the fact he was powerless to prevent the attachment of his former band name being attached to the extremist group.

”It’s b******t. What they are doing out there is against everything The Beatles stood for. If we stood for anything we never stood for that. The four of us absolutely stood for peace and love. But we are not in control.”

ISIS is believed to have up to 500 Britons fighting for their cause, with Jihadi John the most prominent of the expats flocking ISIS. Along with Jihadi John, named after John Lennon, the other two are dubbed Paul (McCartney) and Ringo (Starr).

ISIS has also threatened to execute another Westerner, this time a British hostage, David Haines who is an experienced aid worker. President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron have sworn that they’will not be cowed by barbaric killers’.

“Countries like Britain and America will not be cowed by barbaric killers. We will be more forthright in the defense of our values, not least because a world of greater freedom is a fundamental part of how we keep our own people safe.”

Ringo Starr struck fame as the drummer of The Beatles in the 60’s. The 74-year-old former Beatle has since gone on to have a career as a solo artist and an actor. Recently Starr was awarded GQ ‘Man of the Year’ for his humanitarian work with the David Lynch Foundation’s Peace and Love fund.

The foundation aids abused children and veterans with post-traumatic stress, through transcendental meditation. Ringo Starr first came in contact with transcendental meditation when he travelled to India with The Beatles back in 1968 to visit the Maharishi.

“I truly believe in the David Lynch foundation. They started to bring meditation into inner-city schools and now it’s a fact that in those schools and neighbourhoods violence has gone down. Meditation brings people back to being human again.”

Ringo Starr is also the face of the designer John Varvatos’s Autumn/Winter 2014 campaign, with his profits feeding back into the David Lynch Foundation.