The Fappening Takes New Turn As Reddit Group Drops McKayla Maroney Pics

McKayla Maroney has publicly denied that the naked photos leaked of her through the scandal now called the “Fappening,” though many seem to believe that they are genuine. Now that it’s been alleged that the photos were taken when Maroney was underage, Reddit has told the moderators of the Fappening subreddit group that they are required to remove them and cannot post the pics any longer.

The pictures, if they are of the gold medalist before McKayla was of age, would be considered child pornography under Reddit’s rules. The entire warning to the Fappening Reddit group, as posted, is located on their site. The statement says that the photos were taken by her ex-boyfriend and that he is a current sex offender after having posted them to the hacker group 4Chan.

Lawyers are said to be engaged on behalf of Maroney are said to be actively engaging websites to remove the athlete’s photos from the Frappening leak. According to a report in the Independent, the Olympian has had her photographs removed from several websites, including at least one pornography site,

McKayla Maroney has publicly stated that the photographs of her, released in the Fappening, are not genuine, saying that they are faked. Many are speculating that the photos may be genuine, but have been altered to be more risque than they were originally.

The Fappening releases have been the subject of much discussion, including being used as semi-promotional by actors like Cameron Diaz, who’s promoting her comedy film Sex Tape. Her fellow Olympic teammates are not amused.

Celebrity victims of the Fappening have included Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games), Kate Upton (Sports Illustrated), and Kaley Cuoco (Big Bang Theory). Several others have also been included. The term “The Fappening” has caught on as a title for the scandal and comes from the subreddit on the popular sharing and discussion site Reddit. The images were first leaked to the hacker discussion group 4Chan, where they quickly spread to Twitter and then to Reddit, where the name Fappening was attached.

The subreddit has since become a high-population area with a lot of visitors and a huge discussion made up of forum-like posts from people talking about the Fappening releases and news related to it. Under Reddit’s rules, however, nudity involving underrage persons is not permitted and will get a subreddit and (likely) its participants banned.

It’s because of this rule that the subreddit’s moderators are pulling photos of McKayla from the Fappening.